Flemish horticulture & history
Ghent and its surroundings have been writing history for centuries in the area of flower and plant cultivation. As far back as the 16th century, the inhabitants of Ghent were cultivating plants in orangeries, the predecessors to modern-day greenhouses. Plants and herbs from all around the world have been imported and collected in the city for many, many years. The Flemish were considered to be the best plant growers.

So it should come as no surprise that the Floralies was propagated right here in Ghent, the centre of ornamental plant cultivation.

Flemish excellence
On 30 September 1838, a decision was made to organise a grand exhibition every five years, the plants of which would be judged by an international jury. At the début edition in March 1839, no fewer than 3,722 plants were on display, and 40 jury members from every corner of Europe rendered their judgement in no fewer than 20 competitions.

Prizes of the 2016 Ghent Floralies
The jury has decided. Click here to find out who won a price.


In 2016, for the first time ever, four top prizes were also awarded:

  • Best Group Participation: Fédération Wallonne Horticole
  • Best Individual Participant: De Kromme Boom
  • Best Foreign Participant: Deroose Inc Shanghai
  • The Expert Jury Award: Tomas De Bruyne, together with Hitomi Gilliam & Natalia Zhizko - 'Delirious with Desire'