1 May 2016 News

Floralies public choice award

Majestic floral chandelier in the Saint Peter’s church by Tomas De Bruyne, together with Hitomi Gilliam & Natalia Zhizko.

27 April 2016 News

Enchanting light and sound show @Leopold Barracks

Be dazzled.. every evening from 9pm to 10 pm.

21 April 2016 News

Don't miss out!

The preparatory work for the 2016 Ghent Floralies is now being brought to completion.. Curious? Don't miss out!

6 April 2016 News

A new blog to follow

BehindFloraliën2016: the Chairman and members of the board take you on a special behind-the-scenes tour..

31 March 2016 News

Take a look behind the scenes

Curious about what’s going on behind the scenes of the 2016 Floralies?

22 March 2016 News

Share your Floralies name

Put yourself or a loved one in the spotlight with our easy-to-use app, and become part of the Ghent Floralies route!

1 February 2016 Tips & Tricks

DIY: contemporary Valentine Day's arrangement

Flowers and Valentine's Day go together like a horse and carriage. In a few simple steps you can make your own fresh, contemporary Valentine's Day arrangement!

27 January 2016 News


We are halfway through the BRAFA Art Fair where Ghent Floralies is guest of honour. You can still enjoy the creation of Mark Colle until January the 31th.

15 January 2016 Tips & Tricks

What to do with your garden in winter?

Winter’s fast approaching, and that can only mean one thing:
new plans for your garden!

14 January 2016 News

The final countdown

The 35th edition of the Ghent Floralies will begin in exactly 100 days! Don’t miss out on the floral paradise of lush fragrance and colour in the city centre!